Shells Christmas Cake Menu

Pre- order your home baked Shells xmas Goodies

Home-made Mince Pies Traditional

€1.60 each

€9 for 6

€16 for 12


Home-made Mince Pies Frangipane

€2.00 each

€10.50 for 6

€20 for 12


Homemade Xmas Cake pops


Xmas Pudd OR Snowman

( a qty by each of those)


€2.00 each

€10.50 for 6

€20.00 for 12

Luxury Choc Biscuit Cake

Shape of a plum pudding, filled with nuts, fruit, chocolate, marshmallows and all things wonderful, Topped with chocolate ganache

1 size

€25 (serves 8-12)


Cape Brandy Pudding

Tray bake style cake, think Sticky Toffee Pud with a kick of Brandy.

€25 (serves 10-12)


Shells Brown Soda Bread

3.50 per loaf


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